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Bonefishing Charter Rates and Information

Bonefishing In Key West

One of the biggest draws to anglers coming to Key West and the Florida Keys for many years is bonefishing. A sport that brings hunting and fishing together. Bonefishing requires focus, accurate casting, patience and dedication. Bonefish live in the backcountry coming up on the flats to feed during strategic parts of the tide. Your bonefishing guide maneuvers you into position to make the cast to these fish as they feed. Bonefish will tail and push on the shallow flats while they feed on crustaceans and shrimp making themselves a little more vis able. Once hooked bonefish are known for powerful bursting runs that can melt a spool of fishing line down to nothing in no time. Fast and unpredictable bonefish are very high on the list for most anglers to fish for especially coming to Key West.

What an incredible way to spend your day fishing out of Key West.


Bonefishing Charter Rates Key West

  Bay Boat 24 ft
  2 persons 3 Persons 4 Persons
4 hour $ 600.00 $ 650.00 $ 700.00
6 hour $ 800.00 $ 850.00 $ 900.00
8 hour $ 1200.00 $ 1250.00 N/A
Marquesas Keys $ 1250.00

$ 1300.00


----- Bay Boats Can Take Up To 4 Total People

Trip Variables

  • Key West bonefishing charters come in 4, 6, and 8 hour trips on board traditional flats fishing boats and bay boats.
  • Fly fishing or spin fishing live bait or artificial and even combination of the two are available.
  • Bonefishing is a species specific sport. Fishing can be slow and technical at times, with long periods of hunting.

Bonefishing Guides Provide

Anglers Should Bring
  • Bottled Waters and Ice
  • Spin fishing and Fly Fishing Gear
  • Flies, Bait, lures and tackle
  • Hat, Sunscreen Protective Clothing
  • Polarized glasses.
  • Camera
  • Food and drink other than water

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