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Frequently Asked Questions About Key West Fishing

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How do I book a fishing Charter?

First, do your research on the web. Find out what kind of fishing you want to do here in Key West. A short cut is to call our offices and we will share with you all of your options.

Once you have decided on your trip, you know your dates and you have your room reservations and flights reserved.

  1. Call our office..
  2. We require a 20% deposit of your total trip fare to hold your day. Any major cc is fine.
  3. We send you a comprehensive confirmation with dates, guide name and number and our cancellation policies.
  4. You need to sign the confirmation..
  5. Fax the signed confirmation back.

Thats it..

How do I cancel a fishing charter

Whatever the reason may be. Call us as soon as you find out that you cannot go. Only a phone call to 1-305-292-7212 or an email to will suffice as a cancellation for one of our fishing charters only. Read the cancellation policy on your confirmation and all will apply. We have a few exceptions where we will give deposits back or not charge in full.

What is a fuel charge or Fuel surcharge? -----Rate Plus Fuel.....

Currently We do not have fuel surcharges here at Dream Catcher Charters.

If there were a fuel surcharge we are completely upfront and put these details in your confirmation when booking with an estimate of what those surcharges would be. This requires your signature when booking.

ALWAYS ASK.. when booking with any fishing charter service ask if there is a fuel surcharge .

Due to the up and down nature of fuel prices specific captains charge a fuel charge to be able to offer more to their clients. To allow the captain to go where he thinks is needed to put his anglers on fish. Wreck and Reef fishing trips are the only place we have seen fuel surcharges or we allow them to come into play when we book a fishing charter. Certain captains have fishing spots located a good distance away from the "crowd" and a fuel surcharge is necessary to go there.

When confronted with a Fuel Charge ask the person you are booking trip with if there is a "all Included" rate if so desired, generally there is. ALSO.. ask How much the fuel charge will be if we Go catch "this" on "this particular day". A captain that charges a fuel surcharge is generally one that knows almost to the gallon how much fuel it will take so you can budget your day and go tot he places not many people go, Make sure you cover this with the captain so there are no surprises and you get the full unlimited benefits from this program.

Note: Sometimes an angler can save money if the fishing is close. the key here is to ask more questions.. Fuel surcharges are not a bad thing as long as there are no surprises..

What is a split or shared Charter

We offer an opportunity to get anglers on the water deep sea fishing with "split" or "shared" fishing charters. This is where a 6 passenger deep sea fishing boat is broken down cost wise by person. 4, 6, and 8 hour days. This saves lots of money over a private charter cost and is almost always available.

Island Genn holds a list of fishermen that want to "make up a trip". If you are interested in a shared trip or split charter just call and she will get you out there.

How many people can a private Charter take?

Typically a "6 pack" private charter are legally only allowed to take 6 passengers of any age. Boats that take more than 6 are either breaking this federal law or "certified" to carry more. In the event the boat is "certified" the private charter rate can be overwhelming. Party Boats are certified vessels for fishing the carry many more than 6 passengers.

Traditional Flats fishing boats take not more than 2 persons.

Bay fishing boats take no more than 4 and 3 or less is recommended.

Deep sea fishing boats can take up to 6

Wreck and reef fishing boats can take up to 6 but 4 or less is recommended.

Party Boats are certified vessels for fishing the carry many more than 6 passengers.

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